REASONS TO BELIEVE is Dr. Hugh Ross' ministry. His name was conveniently omitted from his flyer for his October 2002 seminar to catch unsuspecting people. He seems to frequent, unfortunately, Regent University.

Let me quote you some of the unbiblical things he said at Regent University in the Moot Court room when I saw him October 24-25, 2001:

Adam was in a sinful state when he was created.

Fifty thousand years ago the first human evolved spontaneously and naturally [disregarding Genesis creation AND his previous statement.]

Eden is good, but not perfect.

God had billions of creation events.

Life originated 3.86 billion yrs ago + a few million years, and got killed. And new life continually and repeatedly had interventions from God since then.

It took so long for God to get the bacteria to the point of removing all the poisons from the Earth for life to evolve. (3.5 billion yrs ago until 0.5 billion years ago is his quote this time.) Then he created the right quantity at the right time. God created life that very moment it could exist [so is God a prisoner of his creation???]

Our universe's anthropic principle [unusually high 'chance' that environment/Earth suits man just right] is just chance.

If we Christians do absolutely nothing, naturalism and Darwinism will die [sounds like Satan's goal to me - DO NOTHING!]

Intelligent Design (ID) does not focus on Christ therefore it is not a good topic [this contradicts many creationists.]

In a meeting in 1966, mathematicians contradicted biologists' evolution theories and destroyed Darwinism. [But why are public schools, colleges, T.V., etc, still teaching it??]

He believes there was death before Adam's sin but some of the scriptures telling us when death came into the world are:

1 Corianthians 15:21-22 "death came BY a man [Adam]."

The other is God's word to Adam telling him the day that he eats of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good & evil, he will die (Genesis.) That's when Adam & Eve suffered spiritual death - loss of Holy Spirit - and eventual physical death 900+ yrs later.

His scriptural rebuttle [convenient misquote] for the Corinthians scripture was death came TO man. But KJV, NIV, NASB nor Amplified versions of Bible say this. This was a direct misquote of scripture.

Also see Romans 5:14-17

He believes in a "universal" flood (NOT global.) [This is a word manipulation that means local flood. If he means local he should say it. Hes obviously selling something if he has to change words to catch unsuspecting people! [This is like calling the baby a fetus (Latin for baby) instead of calling it a baby.]

Genesis 7:21-22 clearly states: "the mountains were covered and all flesh that moved on the earth perished...and all mankind."

Psalm 29 states: "The Lord sat as King at the flood." Why would it even be mentioned if it were not some extra-ordinary event?! A local flood (between some mountain ranges) is not very noteworthy. And, scientifically, if you look at a topographical map, it is not even possible!!

See my creation web page to find out more reasons this local flood hodge-podge is scientifically rediculous!

He was asked by someone in the audience about the Behemouth (Job 40:15-18) and Mr. Ross stated it certainly is not a dinosaur as some ministries claim because it does not fit any known dinosaur. [This, of course, is not at all true! It fits many sauropods: brachiosaurus, diplodocus, etc.]


So, can you see that Dr Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe ministry has questionable views of the Bible?

I'm sure you can check out Regent's audio tape library for the dates above to verify these statements and many many more.

Since Hugh Ross started putting science first he had to fit the Bible into his views of science. This creates many unusual views of science as one bends & dodges Scriptures that contradict these strange and inevitable views. (And they don't even make a lot of sense.) If he would put the Bible first and fit science into the Bible, then he wouldn't get all these subjects askew.