Creation has an enormous amount of scientific evidence that was not known during Darwin's time (200 yrs ago!)  Darwin and his present day disciples have made hasty conclusions and presuppositions - some of which I will address. The creation and evolution debate can be heated, but, if people JUST ASK QUESTIONS, they will find Charles Darwin made many assumptions in his OLD SCIENCE that some scientists hide or ignore.  If people are silenced or EXPELLED (Ben Stein’s DVD) for asking questions in schools, literature or in public, then, TRUE SCIENCE is squelched & the next generation of scientists will keep us from going forward.  We’ll be kept in the modern dark ages!
You’ve heard it said that the Bible is not a history book. Correct, BUT, it is historically accurate! ( over 25,000 biblical archeological sites have been verified - no other book comes even close to such confirmation!) Neither is the Bible a science book. But it is scientifically accurate! Let us begin:





















Many Creation Scientists have Doctorate Degrees - SEE THEM!






(take your mouse and highlight the above picture and you can see the stone etchings more clearly.  To highlight, put cursor on right side of picture and drag it to left side.)

This photo is from a display by Dragon’s Den Project archeologists.

The above picture is just one photo of an Incan burial stone with etchings, called a petraglyph. Some of the Incas had these buried with them. They were apparently their favorite animals. Some other dinosaurs were among the findings also. If Native Americans (and various other people groups in the world) saw dinosaurs, then they can’t be millions of years old like ‘science’ articles, publications & television shows tell us! I have some more historic references in the ARTIFACTS, FOSSILS AND HISTORY section later. (The Grand Canyon & even France have cave paintings with dinosaurs. Also, Mexican artifacts contain a sculpting of an Ankylosaur.)


When I was a child in the 1960's I used to play with dinosaur toys. They were such an interest to me that I told my second grade teacher that I wanted to be a paleontologist when I grew up. In most of my childhood I had an interest with science as well. So as I grew I always either watched science shows, read books or observed nature on my own (science fiction too!) If God was the creator and if God is truth then truth will be evident in creation. I have met and heard of 2 people who have given their lives to the Lord because of simply looking toward heaven or nature and declaring, "there must be a God!" I know that some of you could acknowledge the same. But when I was listening to all these scientists' views from my childhood interests and even in school - combining that with giving my heart to the Lord at 10 yrs old - I noticed in my own mind a lack of proof about creation verses evolution. I thank God for my mother who spoke to me about the lies of us coming from monkeys when I was in grade school - but I never heard it from any other source. So my spirit wanted to keep believing in creation even though it seemed science said otherwise. Christianity seemed to sit by silently. It was like I had to have two separate minds: one for God's word (creation of life on earth in 6 days approximately +/- 6 thousand years ago) and the other for fitting commonplace science and millions of year old dinosaurs. After a while that double-mindedness gives one a headache!! Again, I had no proof....



UNTIL I found out about a creation seminar that came to my town (Newark, Delaware) in November 1993. Some creation scientists and educators from a school in San Diego, CA did it, called Institute for Creation Research (ICR). [their link is in the link section at the bottom.]

These are scientists with various doctorates in specific scientific fields. (There are also other creation scientific institutes like moody bible science institute.) God used and continues to use these men of God to solidify my biblical foundation regarding evidence in science NEVER contradicting God's word!!! If you believe in millions of year old creatures on earth and the creation story, then, my friend you believe a dichotomy! True science can never contradict the Bible. Let's get started...



THIS IS NOT SCIENTIFIC AT ALL – NO ONE HAS EVER OBSERVED THIS HAPPENING! Hurricanes/tornadoes leave a mess - nothing symmetric - nothing organized! Imagine a 747 forming from a tornado in a junkyard. The probability is too great! The last time I saw a tornado go through a mobile home park, it left condominiums - NOT! These macro-machines all need interconnected micro-machines. Like the dishwasher needs electric, water feed and sewer output. Just like an apartment – call the apartment a micro-machine. The whole complex is the macro-machine. All the apartments must be wired to their own power panel for local distribution. Similar idea with larger water feed pipes and sewer lines into the building. Funny, our arteries and veins (and renal system?) do the same thing just by sheer chance! Amazing, this evolution theory, isn’t it!

Also, no one ever considers symmetry! You can’t get any 2 items balanced and on the same body portion (head/torso) out of any random process. Now, convolute that whole process when you have multiple symmetric items!! (eg arms, legs, eyes, teeth, associated bones, etc.) I can’t imagine anyone including this in their probability calculations!

 Have you ever noticed the order of the Periodic Table? Sorted by valence electrons being lost or gained or inert. The simple (eg Hydrogen) to complex (Francium for eg) have various consistent levels of electron shells around each element’s nucleus. This is ORDER! Like an organized deck of cards (see next paragraph.) And when you see purpose & order, you don’t have chance/randomness. You have Intelligence!

The late Dr. Wilder-Smith had a good example of random processes producing order: have you ever seen a shuffled deck of cards dropped from a plane land on the ground in a pile of increased order (like at the end of Solitaire)? Happens every day, doesn't it? No, you say? And this is only using the same material we started with! The theory of evolution requires new material that magically appears! (that is called vertical evolution.) To quote a creation science educator: that's like kissing a frog and it turns into a prince! (over millions of years, of course.)

A Non-Christian Nobel prize winning team of 2 scientists (for probability mathematics) calculated the probability of one cell evolving (from nothing?) It was 10 to the 40,000 power. And that is just 1 cell! Chances of winning the VA lottery with 6 number positions (the maximum number variables in each position presently is anywhere from 30 to 55) is 75,000,000. And that is only 6 zero's! If you win the lottery twice in a row - guess what? You have some men in blue suits who would like to escort you back to their office for some questions! Why? Because the chances of winning twice in a row are so great (5.625 times 10 with 15 zero's after it) that it is considered impossible! It is considered a planned event (intelligence). That is only a 15 zero number!!! Imagine 40,000 zero's! Their conclusion was quite arrogant: “the possibility of this happening by chance is impossible, so something made this happen. And you can choose to call it God!!”

 Hey, how about a little monkey business? Have you heard it said that the chance of us evolving like the great theory of evolution states is equivalent to some monkeys banking on the keyboard and eventually typing out a Shakespeare play? Fred Wilson of ICR (see link at bottom) just happened to give me a copy of some monkey typing. Do you really believe this could eventually happen? The chance exists, for sure. But, when they can’t even get a big word right, no way! (please note, my scanned in monkey typewriter typing has had its spacing modified by word processing technology, so it is not exactly as the original. Sorry!)

Let’s put legs & feet on this idea (evolutionary pun intended.)  How about if we take all the necessary parts for a wind-up watch and place them in a bag. [This also disregards the question: where did all the properly working sub-parts come from!]  So, how many times do you have to shake the bag to produce a fully functioning watch???  A thousand?  A million?  A quadrillion?  It’s INFINITE!  It’ll never happen!  You can’t take randomness and use it to increase order!

Now, having all the parts to start with is FAR MORE than evolution has to start with. It starts much further down the slippery slope of probability and has to evolve all the necessary FULLY FUNCTIONING inter-related parts as well! AGAIN, higher order (vertical evolution) will NEVER HAPPEN!! Nothing as simple as a mouse trap has ever evolved, and our bodies are infinitely more complex machines than a simple mouse trap!

The scientists know this so they must retreat! Where to, you may ask? MARS! 1999 or spring 2000 a US geologic convention sums it up: We've got to put our efforts into the Mars space mission "because we can't prove life evolved on earth". Did you hear that?! NO YOU DIDN'T! Because it never made the papers, CNN, school text books, etc. (paleontologist Dr. Wise of Bryant college was at this convention to witness this.) Evolution is very prejudiced abt opposing views - to the same strength as people today are open to all views EXCEPT Christianity. Creationists and Christians alike are told to be open to opposing views, yet their opposition is not even willing to consider/tolerate teaching these views! Just look at the country's reaction toward Kansas City passing teaching evolution as a theory, not a fact. Satan knows what he's doing. Evolution is a sharp arrow in his quiver that causes many to stumble or fall - ESPECIALLY IN COLLEGE!



Remember the late 1990’s news story about the human gene was successfully mapped - duh! Now, did the news technical interpreter mean chromosomes and the non-science editor changed it?? (errors using the wrong technical term happen MANY times - (CLICK HERE TO SEE CNN SPEED OF LIGHT BLOOPER) Anyway, there's a lot more than one chromosome (48!) They picked the 3rd lowest quantity of chromosomes (21?) to map cause the others were so complex! OOPS! That's a bad word to geneticists! That means we were DESIGNED! And that's a God word! The truth is, in 1958 since microbiology came into being, those scientists know that you can't magically grow new body parts without genes there to manufacture them! So, Darwin, where did that fish get genes to grow legs from??? I've heard Darwin quoted as saying that if the cell is complex, then he is all wrong abt his theory because complexity can't just pop up from nowhere. But if the cell is simple (cytoplasm & nucleus), he's absolutely correct. He didn't have better microscopes to prove it. Now we do! I thank God for living in these days! So, do you hear "Darwin’s theory debunked" ever mentioned in public schools???

What I hear kids are being taught in public schools (again, I'm sure there are exceptions) is that evolution is NEVER taught as a theory. The 'theory' disclaimer is never even mentioned. Neither do the teachers ever say it is someone's idea. It is always said, "this IS the way it happened or happens." creationists do believe in natural selection and horizontal evolution – many call micro-evolution. Horizontal means, e.g., every kind of cat probably descended from 1 or 2 types of cats. But they are still cats! The early dogs all have become - dogs! What a surprise! They didn't turn into camels. Vertical evolution (many call macro-evolution) means that genetic information is added. (This is what most people mean by evolution.) There were so many genetic variations in the perfect created versions of man and animals. But since sin, all things must die and all things must decay. Remember the second law of thermodynamics: entropy is approaching zero. That means once the spring is wound up, it can only unwind. That's why everything decays in this fallen universe. (Of course the evolutionists don't say who 'wound up the spring' when they promote their big bang theory.) It all had to start with some energy source. But as a car deteriorates and our body, we see this second law in effect. Evolution says creatures magically increase in energy - but this goes totally against natural law! The same winding up of the spring applies to genetics. Presently, animal and human genes are very remote from the perfect created ones. We have many deformities and problems. That's why we can't marry our relatives - our problems would be amplified in the kids. But that's what Adam's children could do to populate the world. That's also what Noah's children could do too. You know in every one of our body's cells (except genomes [genes] that's where the spring has unwound) there are more possible genetic combinations than atoms in the known universe! (I've heard the figure of 10 exp 2000, which means 10 with 2000 zeros after it!) I found that quite astonishing but I can't prove/disprove it since I'm not familiar with all the genes. I either have to take someone's word about it or learn about all genes and do the probability figures myself - the first is easier at present.

  To catch up with the latest times of scientific discoveries, around 2000 some more chromosomes were successfully mapped by a TEAM OF SCIENTISTS. Again, why do you need a team of scientists if life evolved out of such simple organisms? COMPLEX means something more complex formed it! COMPLEX means a CREATOR! Was Henry Ford more complex than his car he created?? YES! For example, if Henry Ford ‘breaks down’ and falls and cuts his knee thus loosing blood, his body will repair the skin tear and manufacture more blood. If his ford breaks down (a quite common occurrence at my house) and looses antifreeze from one of its hoses, will it repair the hole in the hose and manufacture more antifreeze?? NO!! NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. It requires more assistance from something MORE COMPLEX than itself to continue to function! The whole thing cannot run without repairs from outside itself. This is also a parallel of how a cell works. There are many complex inter-related sub-parts. If one part fails, the cell dies. Can our body live without a heart? How about a stomach? Pancreas? And evolution cannot answer the question as how all the inter-related parts of an organism (the simplest being a cell) all evolved at the same time – so they avoid this whole concept (critical thinking) and call it MACRO-EVOLUTION (the whole complex organism magically evolved out of nothing spontaneously!) Well, you may fool some of the people, but once you really look at ANY details of how evolution supposedly works, it’s DEBUNKED! This sounds like the theory (postulate?) called SPONTANEOUS GENERATION. [I’m sure they don’t teach this adjacent to their evolution classes. The masses would talk and start to think freely on their own!] Well, this theory stated: wolf bane (like wheat) + sweaty (wool?) shirt = mice! They did experiments and got these results repeatedly – UNTIL someone left it where the mice couldn’t smell the grain and get in! OOPS!


Cars have evolved wonderfully over the years, haven't they? My car kept overheating so it evolved a brand new part! I call it the water pump. It’s like a heart. It cools my car down. It never had it before, but it knew it needed it when I migrated closer to the equator! And to support this new fully functioning part, it also magically made the necessary support mechanisms for this new part: a fully functioning radiator, a hose from the engine block to the radiator, another hose from the radiator to the water pump, a hole in the engine block for it to mount to and input the cooler antifreeze, another hole in just the right spot (opposite the previous hole) by which the antifreeze can exit the block.

For the water pump to work, it must also have efficient working sub-parts: a centrifuge in the water pump to circulate the fluid (which also must meet specifications of a sub-system to work), a pulley to use the existing energy of the fan belt (another sub-system), a joining shaft between the two, the centrifuge, pulley and shaft must be balanced, and unobstructed holes properly sized for flow and channels in the right place to match the holes in the block and a matching block mounting pattern.

For the radiator to work, it also must have efficient sub-parts: multiple hollow fins by which air can pass around them to exchange heat, properly sized holes for flow and input & output holes for proper flow.

This is MACRO-EVOLUTION at its finest!

Chuck Smith states that we should go out to the forests of Siberia where we can take our pick of millions of Porches that have evolved there. Shoot! The woods have been there for millions of years. The Porches should be all over the place by now!!

I took a walk in the woods and there I found a block of concrete that must have evolved right there for millions of years! You know, nothing as simple as a block of concrete or even a pencil has been found to have evolved (to paraphrase a quote from a creation scientist)!

When you are reading some text book or science report, simply REPLACE THE WORD EVOLUTION WITH MAGIC.

In all fairness, I must include a detailed list of beneficial genetic mutations.



Does the BIG BANG agree, or contradict the Bible?

Why does Uranus spin around backwards?

Are new stars being 'born' ??

Will we see the asteroid belt turn into a planet?

Most have not heard, but the red shift does have another interpretation! Not just a small percent, a 50/50 chance of either moving away from us or…

For more details, check out my young Earth according to the stars link.



We've heard some people cram God into a box and say that Noah's flood was only a local flood. Gen 7:19-23 says the water was higher than the highest mountain...all flesh that moved on the face of the earth perished...except Noah and those with him in the ark. Pretty complete! Remember God's rainbow? It was a sign of God's covenant that all flesh would never again be cut off by the water of the flood (Gen 9:11-15). If the flood was some local thing, then God's word lied in these few chapters of Genesis. And nothing could be farther from the truth! Some deceptive teachers would not use the word "local" when it comes to believing in a non-global flood. This is the Trojan horse term they use: universal flood. Sounds pretty encompassing, even global-like doesn't it?! This is how they pass the unsuspecting sheep's radar so they are not tagged as some heretic. Then they will pull more wool over your eyes with a buffet of truth sandwiches (one piece of truth on the top, one piece of truth on the bottom and a lie right in the middle!)

[See more on this below in "NON-BIBLICAL BELIEVERS" section.] 

 The animals of the Serengeti (north Tanzania in Africa) migrate to a different part of the country for a few months to escape the dry season. This will bring them to a better food area. Then when the rain comes back, they migrate back to where they had started from. This happens yearly. So, in the course of a year, they migrate, we'll estimate, about half of that year (+/-). That distance comes to about 700 miles round trip!! And they do this every year, mind you! So if you want to say Noah's flood was local, these animals could have migrated 700 miles X 120 yrs = 84,000 miles by the time the ark was built! They would have traveled around the world (at the equator) 3.5 times! So do you think they could have avoided this so-called local flood instead of riding on the ark for over a year?!?

Also, if there were a worldwide flood, you would expect to find billions of dead things all over the earth buried in rock layers laid down by water (to quote Ken Ham). WOW, we do have that!! You can only get a fossil if it is covered with something. Anything left out in the sun decays very rapidly - weeks. Almost every fossil found in rock is in sedimentary rock - rock laid down by water - Noah's flood! Also, some fossils are found buried through different strata (vertical layers of rocks.) Petrified 'forests', for example. The animal or tree would never last hundreds of years sticking mostly out of the ground waiting for soil to come along and entomb it. Mt. Saint Helens' sudden destruction exemplifies this. Some of the thousands of acres of vegetation/trees were thrown into the lake at the volcano's feet. The scientists took interest in the lake bottom because the lake's depth had noticeably decreased. Examination of the lake bottom found many vertical trees sticking out of the muck at the bottom along with mud and other vegetation - proving the theory that cataclysm involving water can make these types of fossils!3 God is always consistent! Aren't these wonderful days to be living in??

Again, if there were a worldwide flood, there would have been a great change in the Earth. And this great change would be evidenced in the lives of the survivors: God says he was going to limit man's years to 120 years (Gen 6:3) right before the flood came. (Remember God is patient and usually uses the things around us - nature - to accomplish his purposes.) In the same way that it takes the ocean (at about 45 degrees latitude) late summer/early fall to be heated up, so it may have taken years for the energy stored in earth's sheltered atmosphere to deteriorate. Let's notice those born after the flood (Gen 11+): Noah lived 900+ yrs, one of his sons lived 600+ yrs, next 3 generations lived 400+ yrs, next 5 generations most lived 200+ yrs, Abraham lived 125 yrs, Isaac 180 yrs (Ishmael 137), Jacob 147, Joseph 110. Note the gradual (exponential) decrease in age (generally). This would be true if climate changes occurred. Climate effects our bodies and the food we eat.

Petrified wood doesn't take long to replace its contents with minerals it drinks in with the water. Evolution says everything changes at a constant rate - slow! But the Grand Canyon and Mount Saint Helens are easily verifiable evidences of the fact that cataclysm occurs and rates of change increase rapidly. (There are creation videos about these subjects for those interested.) When the conditions and materials are right, (Noah's flood) bone and plants can be filled with minerals quickly. Researchers have found chicken bones and wood can be filled with minerals (petrified) in just 5 to 10 years.1

In addition, fossils of large dinosaur bones are only partially fossilized! - but evolutionists won't tell you that! There are also genetic materials left in these bones and even secular science will tell you that blood/genes can only survive abt 20k yrs!! That is certainly far less than 200 mill yrs!

So, how long does it really take to make a fossil?? A Fossilized Leather Hat (I found 2 different ones online) from a worker was found in a reopened mine that had been abandoned 50 yrs previously. I have a friend from a coal mine town in western Virginia who said coal miners have found tools and human bones in coal veins! But do you hear that in the papers? Is that taught in the schools??

There are stalagmites forming under the Washington monument in USA and also in an Australian mine made in late 1800's.

It looks like time is on our side (a few thousand years vs many millions of years.)



There are various historical examples about dragons: a cave painting by Indians, the Indian thunderbird legend (Pteranadon), ancient Mexican Indian pottery figurines of unknown animals (looks like dinosaurs, eg, ankylosaurus), to historical 'dragon' fights. A few of those fights were: Gilgamesh from ancient Babylon, St. George who killed a dragon in 15th century AD, and a French city was renamed to Nerluc to honor the man (that was his name) who killed a dragon there.1

Imagine if you had a Komodo dragon living near your house. You'd want it to go!! It would take your farm animals and maybe your kids or even you! So in those days, you didn't call pest removers (Steve Irwin?) You called in a hunter (terminator) to eliminate the problem!

The Sioux Indians (if I remember correctly) called this bird with a huge wingspan the thunderbird due to the heavy sound it made when it flapped its wings.  Let’s parallel it with the Lord of the Rings movie when the Nazgul came on the scene – now you got it!

In our lifetime, there has been found lost species from supposedly millions of years ago: suggestions of finding a plesiosaur (National Geographic episode of Lock Ness Scotland); a boy catches an 'extinct' fish off of Madagascar that we have had in fossils.  Popular science calls these evidences “living fossils” which attempts to simply label and then cast aside this problematic category to evolution.  If they are still here, then they obviously lived from atleast whatever date they were found in the fossil record until present.

I have a DK fossil book picturing many shells, crabs, urchins, clams, sea stars, (dragon flies, frogs, etc). Most of which I have similar/same items in my shell collection! The comments under many of these items confirm that they are “just like modern” specimens. Why haven't they evolved into something else by now – like evolution vehemently claims?!  Because creatures don’t evolve into higher forms of life!


Millions of missing links leave huge gaps in the fossil record. Let me mention some of the major categories: no links whatsoever between fish/mammals and insects, plants and bisexual organisms! The bisexual organisms, I bet, is a touchy subject because, how did the species (just pick one of, prob, millions!) get fully functioning genetic organs?! The trial and error must have been a killer until all the species (I think technically it is genus) we have today got it right so they could reproduce, dare I say, "after their kind"?! How many times in a row do you expect to win the lottery?? 

Now, if people lived to older ages, then creatures did too! And any reptile that lives longer gets BIGGER! (E.g. anacondas found in middle of jungles 20 to 30 ft long.) And conversely, as we see peoples' lives getting shorter and shorter (as we see of Noah's descendants), then the dinosaurs that were repopulating the earth after the flood were not growing bigger and bigger. In Europe, a historic science book called Historia Animalium, said dragons were still not extinct in the 1500's but they were extremely rare and smaller at that time.

 This reminds me of the misrepresentation presented by the Jurassic Park movie. How could those dinosaurs possibly have grown so big in the few simple years of the present lifespan of a man? They are eating machines! That was how they became so big (plus atmospheric conditions were different pre-flood, eg, more moisture & oxygen). The island they were on (with all those depicted dinosaurs) would have been stripped bare! Just watch a Komodo dragon eat (see, even today dragon is used to label a reptile - also, Iguanas are called bearded dragons.) The bigger ones can enforce a larger territory to ensure they don't loose any food sources that happen by his area. I remember one episode with the Komodo on the Crocodile Hunter. Steve was in a canoe and saw one swimming from one island to another. After he had followed it upon the second island, it went after a sheep it had seen up on a hill from the other island! Steve got too near it a few times and had to run up a tree to escape its jaws! And this was a 6 or 8 foot lizard! Jurassic Park was certainly entertaining but it conveyed a lot of false ideas abt dinosaurs to the evolutionary inundated public.



Neanderthals - The details from Dr Jack Cuasso’s (sp?) book, Buried Alive are amazing. Dr Cuasso is an orthodontist.  He must understand how skulls grow.  He examined (through various challenges) many Neanderthal skulls.  He found teeth (and jaw bones too?)filed down, bone finger tips placed in the mouth to APPEAR less human and to top it off, he found one skull with accelerated projectile holes (entry & exit wounds!!) And, of course, the exit wound was larger than the entry wound. He had this verified by a forensic pharmacologist. So Dr Cuasso put this skull on the cover of his book.  But, by this time, the faith of the evolutionists had lead them to patch the rear hole over (or both of them, not sure.)  This is modern ‘science’ at its best!  All this adds up to one thing: Can you say FRAUD?!  The scientists know their ship is sinking so why not beef it up a little/a lot?  And guess what else the faith of the evolutionists had lead them to do?? Dr Cuasso got death threats against him & his family. What are evolutionists hiding???  So Dr Cuasso sat on this info for 20 yrs until his children were out on their own. 

Well, his conclusions from his research revealed some amazing truths – truth that the evolutionists want to remain burried!  He took his Neanderthal skull measurements because the evolutionists’ skull measurements were unscientific – they failed to use the ear canal into the skull as a reference point for all their measurements! (AGAIN, to APPEAR less human!!) Then he combined his own skull growth data from his field with various universities’ studies of human skull growth measurements from people +/- 100 yrs old.  He placed them into a Cray computer and found out that Neanderthals are merely humans who lived approximately 500 yrs! Neanderthal skull growth was EXACTLY the same as ours! Just like the Scriptures I referenced earlier about Noah & descendants longer life spans!  Believe the Bible!  You can’t prove it wrong, so give in!

Peking man & others also have total fraud behind them.  (I’ll have to type more on this later.)



The carbon and other radiometric dating methods have been found to be quite presumptuous. The uranium dating method measures how much percent U 235 to the percent of Pb (lead) produced. They assume a constant rate of decay - which may be good BUT the grand canyon sediment formation and Mt. Saint Helens mud sediment formations have millimeter thick layers yet we know Mt. Saint Helens' formations happened in 3 - 6 hrs! If evolutionists stumbled upon this without having watched it form, they'd have added up each millimeter thick layer and said it took 1 year each to form - the formation was 25' deep or so. That's alot of millimeters! Back to the rate of decay stuff - if the atmosphere had different composition (moisture also) and possibly pressures then these decays could have been very different. Another assumption is that C 14 and U 235 and Pb are spread uniformly on the earth. NO WAY! The true scientist looks at the area around his sample and tries to figure out how much was there to start with. There may have been unusually high piles of the stuff in that area which would perfectly explain the 'problems' evolutionists have with the procedure. A few examples: Hawaii volcano's lava formed strata in the 1800's, Mt. Saint Helens' various fresh lava plugs in the volcano's mouth after its 1980 eruption, the Grand Canyon's volcanic eruption witnesses by Indians - all have been dated to be millions of years old by the evolutionist's assumptions about radiometric dating. Even live mollusks were dated to be a few thousand yrs old! If evolution were a boat, it would sink!

There are also other events that increase C 14 on earth: larger solar flare seasons, meteorites, the measured decrease in earth's magnetic field. The weakening of the magnetic field around earth lets in more C 14 due to more cosmic rays reaching the upper atmosphere. They strike nitrogen atoms turning them into C 14. So, we've been getting more C 14 falling to the earth in the last 130 yrs (it's decreased abt 14%; that's a lot!) The 1908 Siberian Tunguska asteroid/meteorite (or comet?) explosion that caught the forest afire (and burned so bright that London could see the glow at night) also caused an increase. Tree rings from all over the world indicated the measurement of radioactivity was much greater than normal the year following the explosion. 2



Samples of dinosaurs were on the ark - if you believe the bible. Noah took all creatures (Gen 7:2-3). Genesis 6:15 (NASB) says "And this is how you shall make it: the length of the ark three hundred cubits, its breadth fifty cubits, and its height thirty cubits." It took him 120 yrs to build. A cubit is approximately 18 inches. So the volume is 675,000 cubic feet. I've calculated its volume to have been about 250 boxcars. I've heard a larger number. [I have to check up on box car sizes and recalculate] The quote I heard was that the ark could fit about 125,000+ sheep sized animals onboard. Noah could have brought eggs or even live born dinosaurs - remember reptiles don't need their parents at all. A baby dinosaur could fit in your 2 hands and they only rode the ark for 15 months - not hundreds of years for them to grow too big.  

A Christian scientist, Sir Richard Owen (1804-1892), invented word dinosaur in 1841 when he came across some unknown creatures’ bones - therefore post biblical original text. The KJV was translated in 1611 – well after the cannon of Scripture. True, dinosaur isn’t mentioned in the Bible, but the word dragon is. And it is usually translated so out of the 25 occurrences in the Old Testament. The Hebrew word is tennin (tennim plural). Its first occurrence is Gen 1:21 where bible translators put various other words like sea monsters1 (probably because it didn't fit in their God box). Also remember Job speaks of the Behemoth (40:17 NASB) where "He bends his tail like a cedar;". Some have errantly said this is a hippo or elephant. Did it say shake his tail like a rope??? Not! Sounds like a Brachiosaurus type creature to me. But certainly nothing like a creature of today!

The words computer and rocket don’t appear in bible and we believe in them and don’t question their existence!?

Remember Job was the oldest written book of the bible. The same dragon parallel applies to Leviathan (Job 41 NASB):

7 "Can you fill his skin with harpoons, Or his head with fishing spears?

8 "Lay your hand on him; Remember the battle; you will not do it again!

9 "Behold, your expectation is false; Will you be laid low even at the sight of him?

10 "No one is so fierce that he dares to arouse him;


27 "He regards iron as straw, Bronze as rotten wood. 

Some have errantly said that this is a crocodile. I don't think the Crocodile Hunter would dare tackle this bloke! (especially noting the verse 27.)

Note: unicorn is used in some bibles but Webster's Dictionary specifies: in Bible, a two horned ox-like animal. The newer bible versions call it a wild ox.

Remember there are many myths about dragons in every culture. And everyone agrees that all myths are based on some fact or facts somewhere. 1 There are some unusually gifted creatures that God has created. One is a beetle called the Bombardier beetle that has a mixing space in his rear end for 2 ingredients (hydrogen peroxide is one) and you hear a 'pop' and out shoots a noxious gas at 212 F!! Needless to say, nothing tries to eat him alive! Remember, in those days dinosaurs were still big and mighty so many could have considered them reptilian monsters. It just seems the word dragon caught on vice monster.

Some other examples are bioluminescent (light from living creatures) fish and sea jellies. Out at sea during the night you can see these creatures light up as the waves from your boat/ship churn the water. Your first thought is that it is moon or star light. But you can see this even on a cloudy evening. Some really send off a bright flash like a camera underwater! This gift seems unnatural for us. Another example is the electric eel. A living creature producing an electric charge! So why can't we believe the Bible when it mentions Leviathan in Job 41:19 (NASB): "Out of his mouth go burning torches; Sparks of fire leap forth."  Looking at these other examples, we can't believe God at his Word?? He doesn't have the power to create such a creature??




Day 1: heavens (universe), the earth & light (the light wave – the electromagnetic spectrum.) This is the creation of space, matter and energy!4

Day 2: waters separated (atmosphere was made)

Day 3: land & PLANTS, trees (Gen 1:12)

Day 4: light bearers (stars & SUN & moon – a light reflector) (Gen 1:16)

Day 5: sea creatures, birds & dragons (remember, above I stated dragon is the literal Hebrew word)

Day 6: mammals, insects & man

Day 7: God rested


The bible said day 3, then day 4 and that meant one day! Some people take HALF of the scripture in Peter that says, "a day to the lord is as a thousand years" (and stop there - remember Satan's lies to Jesus in the desert temptations - just using a piece of scripture!) They also say that the days of creation may have meant alot longer than 24 hrs (see link in next paragraph). But how could plants live long without the sun? Let us not keep hammering God into the box our evolution tainted mind (and sloppy science) would have him stay in.

Further scripture study of the postulate regarding different theologians’ creation views (the gap theory, day-age creation theory and theistic evolution) are critiqued on the bottom link on my page titled "gap theory + info".

Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth, and the Earth WAS formless and void." So imagine an unorganized pile.4 Please note the word "was". Hebrew scholars know this word can be interpreted as ‘became" like the GAP THEORISTS hopelessly cling to, BUT it is not so mis-interpreted by the people who know their own language because of the context it is in. This same Hebrew word (transliterated ‘hayah’) is not interpreted "became" until Genesis 2 where God breathes into Adam and he became a living soul.

Now, God spends the next few days fashioning order into the Earth. So then you end up with an organized pile. God could have easily done it in a single moment, but he chose this pattern to teach us to work for 6 days and then rest on the seventh.

One of the scientists I know who previously was an evolutionist is in North Carolina - Charlie Liebert. He also was an evolutionary teacher. His testimony is that he used to be an evolutionist then he became a creationist who believed in old earth bible interpretation. Then he became a young earth creationist and teaches many places. He has a collection of fossils and castings of fossils and dinosaur life-like models when he does his presentations. He is excellent! (Check his link at bottom of my page)

Adam, Methuselah, Noah and others lived 900 + yrs. People would scoff at that using present day thinking/science. But consider this: 1) the bible says it, believe it! 2) Earth's atmosphere may have been different then - probably higher pressure and more oxygen and possibly more moisture. Remember the rainbow was placed in the sky AFTER the flood (so sunlight entering our atmosphere changed somehow and maybe even the moisture level as well). Rainbows need both. Also remember it never used to rain until the flood. It used to mist to water the ground - like a thick dew (Gen 2:5-6). No further mention of rain occurs until the flood. Scripture does not state that this condition continues until the flood, BUT judging by the peoples' reaction to Noah's news of the impending celestial deluge, it is consistent with this train of thought. That's another reason why Noah was mocked. "Water from the sky???" He really had to build in faith!!

The thick dew seems to indicate different atmospheric water content. Another possible cause of the lack of rain is 'hyper barometric pressure' which simply means high pressure. This high pressure would keep rain from forming wherever it occupied - just like our present high pressure zones today. It could have occupied the entire Earth or maybe all but north and south poles (an uneducated guess.)

It’s possible that extra water throughout the atmosphere or even a special atmospheric layer called ‘water vapor canopy’ would protect the earth from harmful effects of short wave radiation.



EX 20:11


For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. (NIV)

You don’t hear people changing the word “day” to years/millennia deep into Exodus, do you?

Genealogies – there aren’t millions of years in the documented scriptural genealogy in the bible between Adam & Jesus.  When you add them up, and count to our time, it is close to 6 thousand years – nowhere even close to 1 million years, and still much less what evolutionary scientists say the age of the first man ancestor is.  It’s just not biblical (even with the ‘new math’) to believe in long ages between Adam & Jesus!


14 Nevertheless death reigned from Adam until Moses, even over those who had not sinned in the likeness of the offense of Adam, who is a type of Him who was to come.

15 But the free gift is not like the transgression. For if by the transgression of the one the many died, much more did the grace of God and the gift by the grace of the one Man, Jesus Christ, abound to the many.

16 And the gift is not like that which came through the one who sinned; for on the one hand the judgment arose from one transgression resulting in condemnation, but on the other hand the free gift arose from many transgressions resulting in justification.

17 For if by the transgression of the one, death reigned through the one, much more those who receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.



21 For since by a man came death, by a man also came the resurrection of the dead.

(My note: not by satan's fall!)

22 For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all shall be made alive.

23 But each in his own order: Christ the first fruits, after that those who are Christ's at His coming,

24 then comes the end, when He delivers up the kingdom to the God and Father, when He has abolished all rule and all authority and power.

25 For He must reign until He has put all His enemies under His feet.

26 The last enemy that will be abolished is death.

That last verse's reason is because death was the first problem that effected the world. Remember Adam was made from the red clay of the earth. The same stuff of the earth. So, what effects Adam, effects the whole earth!

The genealogy of Jesus from Adam (book of Matthew) is another proof for a young species of man. No monkey men, no cave men. If you believe the Bible, there is no way to fit millions of years of species changes between Adam and Jesus!

People believe the Revelation verse that says God will create anew the heavens and earth in an apparent instant (not in 1 year, or 1,000 years, or even 1 million years), but when it comes to believing God created the present heavens & earth in periods of 6 days and 1 day of rest, many believers find this unbelievable! Ironic isn’t it!



 The origin of languages is also explained in the Bible. First was the tower of Babel. Then afterward, in the days of Peleg, "the earth was split" – that’s what Peleg means (he was grand child of Noah, abt 100 yrs?? after the end of the flood.)

But evolution doesn't explain why the languages are so different. They should be similar evolving from having evolved from a common ancestor (at least with similar roots like, for eg, the Latin & Greek based languages.)

Ancient languages are more complex than our present day languages. For example, ancient Greek had many ways of saying love: brotherly (phileo), absolute (agape), and sexual (eros).



The idea about people getting placed into an already evolved species/earth is their faithless way of fitting God into the box - except the box is evolutionary science again. That idea I'm sure only came about since Darwin's influence. But let's think about Adam and Eve. With their disobedience, sin, death and disease entered the world. God's creation was perfect, without any problems. He kept the 'spring' wound up, you could say, all the time until the disobedience. If there were already living things that had died and turned into fossils (and some fossils have arthritis and disease in their bones) before Adam's time, why did they have to die?? Where did the sickness come from?? Fossils aren't millions of years old but that concept is where people start hammering God into the box again. The bible is clear: sin yields death ("the wages of sin is death" Romans 6:23). There was no death before sin. Some people say Satan's fall may have caused that but Satan obviously fell before Adam and Eve fell. Besides, the creation story says "it was all very good" when God finished creating everything on earth. So nothing evil transpired on the earth until Adam and Eve ate of the fruit. "For in the day you eat of the fruit you shall surely die." This was the beginning of death. Satan's plot is to remove Adam and Eve and make them a simple fairy tale because if there was no fall, then everyone's OK! No bridge needed for the much talked about 'gap' between God and man. Which means Jesus' death was a waste of God's time. Satan likes the time machine idea - to erase our beginning so we'll stop existing in the present. Don't let him. We all need Jesus to get to heaven. Nothing we can do can get us into heaven - again if we could do 'good' things or work or anything to get to heaven, then Jesus came and suffered and died for nothing. A waste of God's time! The bible says, "none are righteous, no not one!...so my own arm brought salvation to me" (Isaiah 59:16). Doing good things builds our 'building' in heaven for our afterlife but it doesn't get us there. Satan loves to strip away what Jesus has done from our minds and he'll start with removing it from a culture or tradition so it'll fade away with 2 generations.

[check out my link abt Hugh Ross - Bible Revisers ]



When Ezekiel 28:13 talks abt satan's beauty in the garden he uses mountain and gems (Isaiah 14:12 talks abt him being the star of the morning). Things created before day 6 of creation. So our only conclusion is that satan was good before day 6. Looking at his present jealousy/hatred of mankind we can almost conclude that he became jealous of God's attention on us (indwelling of the Holy Spirit also?) therefore his successful plot to separate man from His Holy Spirit! He separated the spiritually joined fellowship we had. In those days, you never had to guess what God wanted - you knew! Now, we can positively conclude satan was jealous and murderous of us due to the second main sin of man: Cane killing Abel because God paid more attention to Abel. Sounds like the garden of Eden to me!! Remember John 8:44 (NASB) "He was a murderer from the beginning" The only place satan killed in the beginning is when the Holy Spirit left Adam and Eve. Is not the definition of murder when you take the life (someone's spirit) from the body? "The day you eat of this fruit you will die." Otherwise God lied! Sometimes when God speaks a prophecy, it speaks to two different people and/or two different times. That particular one was speaking to their spiritual death (that day) and also to their future physical death. Some examples are Elijah coming (even after John the Baptist), Jesus coming again, and the descriptions of satan in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 (it addresses kings on the earth but the details are impossible for applicability only to them.) Oh, another is the pouring out of the Holy Spirit in Joel. The first outpouring was in Acts and the latter is coming! (which seems to be budding now!)

 SATAN USES EVOLUTION! So many Christians are unclear about true science and that it never contradicts the bible. These may ignore science or even go to an extreme and say that science is from the devil. Which of course, is not true, but that's the stuff that evolutionary science is made of - fairy tales and magic. Tell me where evolution fits in Adam and Eve??? The fall of man??? The impact evolution has on a society is weighty! If you were told you were just an accident and had not been created, whom would you answer to for doing immoral things??? Do you know Jesus quoted form genesis very often - as much as or even more than any other book! Any truth can be used for evangelism (because truth kills lies) and since there is such an interest in dinosaurs, then an evangelist can use it (who so feels called.) The genesis creation is a foundational belief and satan will gladly remove any such belief that can point to your origins to get anyone out of a God created perspective. Remember, Paul says, "I become all things to all men in order to win them for Christ". True science can be used to witness God's glory!



The head of the body can't do it all. the leader(s) must rely on people in the body for their field of expertise. That's what the Christian community is for, everyone sharing their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional strengths to help those around them. Remember, Moses picked judges to take care of the smaller problems because one man can't do it all! "The eye cannot say to the hand, 'I have no need of you' "... "if the whole body were an eye, where would the hearing be?" (1 Cor 12)

Jesus makes big changes if we're willing to be molded by him on an on-call basis. I can't think of any time in my life that I'd like to go back to, number one, without my kids continually influencing/changing my life, and number two, I know too much about myself and people and God now that I wouldn't trade for the world. Jesus, the kids (and my wife too) were responsible for the biggest changes in my life. Besides, children are for healing - healing our damaged (never perfect) childhood!



Why do all civilized cultures have 7 days in one week? It's not like some guy with 7 fingers ruled the world or something.

Isn't it odd that some evolutionists change their minds and become creationists and NEVER the reverse???

Waterfalls don't flow up - potential energy does not increase on its own!




86 Creation Scientists with Doctorate Degrees from around the world and links to many more!  Including a link to a list of 500+ Scientists with Doctorate Degrees that dissent from Darwinism! CLICK HERE!



  1. "The Great Dinosaur Mystery and The Bible" by Paul S. Taylor, Chariot Books 1989.
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  4. footnote 2, pp 15-17



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