You're invited, to attend one of the Origin Science Association's three monthly presentations.

We will view two new short DVD’s from Answers in Genesis-AIG, featuring NOAH







Thousands of Ark Encounter guests have enjoyed this top-quality mini-movie at the life-size Ark Encounter

theme park south of Cincinnati

Now you can bring the excitement home as you experience, “The Noah Interview”.

What questions would you ask Noah?

This is a fun look at the scoffing and questions that Noah surely faced. While finishing his preparations on the Ark, Noah is visited by a “local news team” interested in writing a story about his unusual building project. Answering each snickering question, he continually refers back to God’s command to build the Ark. In the midst of their scoffing, Noah shares that repentance of sins is the only way to be saved from the floodwaters. This is an excellent reminder for us today,

that repenting of our sin and trusting in Jesus Christ is the only way that we can be saved.


Thousands of guests have been impacted by this powerful drama at the Ark Encounter. Now you can watch and share this,

 “As In The Days of Noah” film anytime!

A reporter and her team from a New York tabloid travels to Kentucky to write a hit piece on the huge full-scale reproduction of Noah's Ark. There, they meet the Ark Encounter director, Noah Zomarsh, who answers all of their skeptical questions. Noah then shows them the purpose of the park through a special holographic message from evangelist Ray Comfort (Living Waters) that encourages them to reconsider what they believe, and explains how they can be saved by receiving

Jesus Christ as Savior.


Refreshments will be served.  If you like, bring something to share!



Peninsula,  Meets the Friday before the 2nd Saturday


Date:  October 13, 2017     Time: 7:00 pm


Place: Bethany Gospel Chapel

40 Ballard Rd, Newport News, VA 23601 

(Near Hampton Center Pkwy & Harpersville Rd)



South-Side,  Meets every 2nd Saturday of the month


Date: October 14, 2017     Time: 7:00 pm


Place: Avalon Hills Bible Church

5728 Indian River Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23464

(Next to I-64 Across from Founders Inn / Regent)



Richmond, Meets every 3rd Saturday of the month


Date: October 21, 2017      Time: 7:00 pm


Place: Immanuel Baptist Church

3601 Monument Ave, Richmond, VA 23220 

(Just off I-195)  804-355-8691




Creation Materials will be for sale, including a large DVD selection - with a DVD lending library available!


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